NFS Wizard

NFS Wizard 0.5

Edits various aspects from the user's Need For Speed saves
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NFS Toolbox

Modify the vehicles performance data, the car's color, decals or other visual aspects and view 3D models of any car within the game. Works with NFS3 and NFS4 files.

A utility rich on functionality and with a lot of features and it handles almost every file format from NFS:HP (NFS3) and NFS:HS/RC (NFS4). Change the car color, sound, performance data or look at a 3D model of the car all from within the same program.
mAIN FEATURES:-Supports both NFS:HP (NFS3) and NFS:HS/RC (NFS4)
-Import, export, delete, rename and duplicate files within a VIV file
-Can handle BNK, ART, TGA, QFS, FSH, FCE, VIV, FEDATA and CARP - and not just as a part of a VIV file
-Syncronize selectable parts of FEDATA and CARP
-Direct X based FCE viewer with support for ART, TGA, QFS or FSH as texture with full color blending
-Light and color editor for FCE files
-FCE part renaming/color editor
-Adjustable compression ratio for QFS objects
-Dashboard gauge editing (NFS:HP (NFS3) only)
-Serial number lister that allows you to quickly spot and solve conflicts
-Built-in file explorer
-User context pop-up menu on the file explorer (Use HSEdit from within NFS Wizard!)
-Templates for quick creation of a new file
-Automatic update check function

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